of Works
by Sorolla

We will analyze a work to find out if it is truly by the master Sorolla. If it is, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity. In our analysis, we complete a stylistic study of the work called Morellian Analysis, through which we compare the work you want to authenticate with other works by Sorolla that have been catalogued as authentic. Morellian Analysis highlights the stylistic characteristics that are repeated in all the works by the artist. The presence or absence of these characteristics often indicates whether or not the piece is genuine.

The analysis will be supported by a profuse report, which we also submit, whereby we explain why it is seen as a work by Sorolla. Several other works by the artist will be included, which will be compared to the work being authenticated in respect to composition, brushstrokes, color, etc. A small biography on the artist and any details that demonstrate the authenticity of the work are also included. To complete this analysis, we need high-quality digital photos of the front and back of the work, any details about it that might be relevant to our analysis, the size of the painting, and copies of any documents relating to the work.

Our access to international archives allows us to do exhaustive and professional work recognized in all artistic media.