Disciples of
Joaquín Sorolla

Manuel Benedito (1875-1963), Antonio Fillol (1870-1930), Salvador Tuset (1883-1951), José Benlliure Ortiz (1884-1916), and José Pinazo Martínez (1879-1933) are considered disciples of Joaquín Sorolla. They are all from the generation that drank in technical freedom, fluidity, and vibrant coloring, as can be seen in their works. Portraits of Conchín and Tati, After the Skirmish, Women's Concert, View of Rome from the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts, and Garden Scenes are well-known examples of each of the artists mentioned.


María Sorolla García

Sorolla's influence is also highlighted in some of his family who actively participated in painting. From his daughter María Sorolla (1890-1956), comes a piece titled La Chula, in which her father's influence is seen in the coloring and technique. However, Sorolla’s direct follower was Francisco Pons Arnau (1886-1953), who ended up marrying his daughter María Sorolla. His esthetic is clearly based on that of Sorolla. In the case of the piece Cherries, some echoes of avant-garde painters are added, which bring a certain modernity.


Cherries by Francisco Pons Arnau